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Whether a senior executive at a large company, a C-suite level manager at a mid-sized business or an entrepreneur at a startup – 4M Performance can prepare you to tackle the toughest challenges.

With our coaching and guidance you’ll emerge a leader with the confidence to forge ahead and inspire others.

What Makes 4MP Different

Many business coaches/consultants base their advice and recommendations on a ‘play-it-safe’ copycat approach. This is inappropriate for today’s businesses which must rigorously vie for a competitive market position.

4MP’s Coaching/Mentoring is designed to prepare you for the complex responsibilities of leading a business in the age of digital transformation and market disruption.

  • Strategic Innovation & Change
  • Mastering the Digital Marketplace
  • Become an Authentic Leader
  • Drive Financial Performance
  • Optimized the Digital Transformation & AI
  • Setting the Next Direction for Your Business
  • Product/Market Fit
  • Determining the Buying Motives of Your Customers

We provide you the ability to step back from your daily routine and reflect on where you’ve been and where you want to go. This introspection is a very important part of the 4MP process and why it is termed a life-changing experience.

36% of Small Business are Managed by Women

While not dismissive of current trends and market disruptions, 4MP pushes to build high-performance, results-oriented strategies – grounded in practical, actionable, and financially feasible outcomes.

Clients can expect one-on-one discussions, presentations, and how-to sessions. These meetings, in turn, provide multiple levels of learning, compelling Clients to identify relevant issues and apply practical applications to their unique situation and business.

Collaborating with 4MP ensures you’ll emerge with a leadership mindset, a confident outlook, and a vision for success. Our focus is on accelerating individual and team growth, identifying strengths and gaps, and developing a customized action plan for achieving your goals.

Live and Virtual Sessions – Access To The ABC (Always Be Coaching) Process

Is 4MP’s CMP Right For You?

Our coaching/mentoring is designed for achievers that have the drive to accelerate their business. Whether a seasoned corporate executive, a mid-level manager, or entrepreneur we seek those who want to excel.

Coaching is Performance Driven – Mentoring is Development Driven

Cost of Services

Connect with us for a FREE personalized consultation (normally 20-30 min.) to determine if 4MP is the right fit required to achieving your goals and required outcome.

After that, an Action Plan is developed and a Service Agreement prepared which will detail the services to be provided. Fees will be commensurate with the size and complexity of the project.

All Programs will have, at a minimum, one-on-one meetings (virtual or face-to-face) weekly (normally 1-1.5 hrs.) and unlimited check-in via call/text/email. Other professionals may be included in the discussions if their expertise is required.


4M Performance and Clients enter into a Non-disclosure Agreement to protect all parties. This NDA will be in keeping with the highest ethical standards.

Contact Jim Lavorato at 716-348-8648 or to setup a virtual initial discussion.

team building for success
The Greatest Competitive Advantage is Knowledge


Typical Coaching/Mentoring issues we address:

  • Defining the role innovation plays within your industry and determining a path forward
  • Learning to drive strategic vision
  • Attack and win the challenges of digital transformation & disruption
  • How to deliver on performance
  • Improving decision-making skills
  • Delivering on customer experience
  • Brand building & development
  • Analyzing pricing strategies to maximize value
  • Assessing the business’s financial strength: profitability, liquidity, structure
  • Identifying new opportunities for enhancing digitization and the value it will create
4M Performance

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