4MP Virtual Training Programs

4MP Virtual Programs Can Be Instructed in Groups or Individually
  • Superior Customer Service Engagement’ – Customer Service Engagement will differentiate your business IF you design the right offerings and execute flawlessly. Learn more
  • How to Fund Your Business‘ – This Program will navigate you through the complex process of fund-raising, from crowd-funding to pitching VCs or angel investors. Learn more
  • Building and Managing a Digital Platform‘ – Digital technologies are redefining the way consumers engage and businesses compete. This Program provides the latest insights and explains how to leverage digital, social, and mobile marketing tools. Learn more
  • Managing A Business’s Social & Environmental Policies & Practices: The ESG Profile – Proactive management of sustainable goals and ethical issues positively impacts both business reputation and financial performance. Learn more

When you participate in a virtual 4MP Program you benefit from a powerful learning experience carefully designed with a virtual setting in mind. Through live, synchronous program sessions you’ll engage directly with experts, gain actionable takeaways, and facilitate your personal growth.

4MP Programs Foster Business and Personal Growth