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Management Training Programs

‘Crash Course in Web3‘ – Obtain a thorough overview of the elements that comprise Web3, in this 90-minute one-on-one tutorial. Also referred to as the crypto ecosystem, you’ll be escorted through all of the components of what is the next iteration of the internet. Only $49. Learn more.

Superior Customer Service Engagement’ – Customer Service Engagement will differentiate your business IF you design the right offerings and execute them flawlessly. Learn more

How to Fund Your Business‘ – This Program will navigate you through the complex process of fund-raising, from crowd-funding to pitching VCs or angel investors. Learn more

Building and Managing a Digital Platform‘ – Digital technologies are redefining the way consumers engage and businesses compete. This Program provides the latest insights and explains how to leverage digital, social, and mobile marketing tools. Learn more

Managing A Business’s Social & Environmental Policies & Practices: The ESG Profile – Proactive management of sustainable goals and ethical issues positively impacts both business reputation and financial performance. Learn more

General Management Training – Today, businesses of all sizes and types, require exceptional leaders that need to know every aspect of their company. This Executive Coaching program addresses this issue. Learn more.

Competing In Multi-Markets – A 4MP Intensive Coaching Program – Virtual Managing in a multi-market environment is complex but very rewarding. This Coaching Program escorts you down the path to preparing and implementing a successful multi-market strategy. Learn more.

The Business of Entertainment – Film, TV, Publishing, Music, and Sports – it’s all Entertainment, and nowhere has the impact of digital technology been more acute. Explore and learn the business and trends that are redefining entertainment. Learn More

Launching A New Venture: Entrepreneurs and Business Owners – A comprehensive virtual one-on-one where participants gain insights and answers to the challenges confronted by startups and early-stage ventures. Learn More

4MP Exclusive 5-Part Series on Web3 and the MetaverseAn immersive deep-dive into the future. Discover all of the issues, insights, and information regarding the evolving internet with Web3 and the accompanying metaverse.  Learn More


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