Competing In Multi-Markets – A 4MP Intensive Coaching Program – Virtual

           Entrepreneurs strategize over doing business in multi-markets

Program Description

Today, businesses that operate across various markets drive more revenue and are more profitable than single-market companies. But, multiple market businesses require leaders who can confidently navigate in an ever-changing and very dynamic landscape,

Designed to focus on multi-business/multi-market strategies the Competing In Multi-Markets – A 4MP Coaching Program provides participants insights into how to manage a business horizontally, vertically, and geographically. 

Through dynamic virtual sessions, you’ll examine and learn how to successfully lead a business in a multi-market environment.

Multi-market competition has intensified with globalization.

multimarket management
Multi-market businesses are more profitable than single-market

Key Benefits/Takeaways

Whether expanding beyond a single market for the first time or developing a new strategy for an established multi-market business, this 4MP Coaching Program will instruct you on what needs to be accomplished to leverage your strengths and be successful as a multi-market business.

  • Gain an understanding of the critical requirements for crafting a successful multi-market and why it is different than a single-market strategy.
  • Learn the tough decisions to be made and fine-tune the strategy to obtain peak performance.
  • Assist your team in working across markets and the cultural and geographic differences that will be present.
  • Obtain the answers to why diversification in multi-markets minimizes risks.
  • Improve your skills in managing your customers’ overall needs.
  • Explain how to optimize your business and expand your market footprint.

Build A Team So Strong You Don’t Know Who The Boss Is.

Who Should Attend

  • Senior business managers or business owners who are responsible for the implementation of multi-market business strategy.
  • Leaders in operating roles with responsibility for managing and coordinating activities across business markets.
  • Entrepreneurs in startups or leaders of family businesses who are considering expanding horizontally need the benefit of this training


Today, all businesses are confronted with addressing financial, social, and environmental pressures. Having to operated and compete in multi-markets adds to the complexity and few leaders know how to do this in ways that will strengthen their business’s performance.

The Competing In Multi-Markets – A 4MP Coaching Program, Virtual prepares you to meet and overcome the challenges of entering and managing a multi-market strategy. This Program will provide the framework and the know-how to escort your company down the complex, multi-market success path.

Attendance can be group or individually structured.

Normally, one-on-one virtual coaching sessions are one hour twice weekly for three weeks. Optional Program acceleration is available. Additionally, unlimited check-ins are provided via call/text/email.

Competing In Multi-Markets - A 4MP Coaching Program - Virtual

Entering a multi-market environment is difficult but can be very rewarding. This Coaching Program escorts you down the path to a successful multi-market strategy.

Jim Lavorato
Jim Lavorato, Coach
4M Performance

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