Building and Managing a Digital Platform

Digital Platform Powerhouses

Program Description

Digital platforms are, by far, the world’s most valuable companies. They are built upon the premise of facilitating innovation or enabling the broad exchange of goods and services.

There are two paths to success in developing a digital platform, either a business wants to compete as a new platform or wants to leverage an existing platform for competitive advantage. The 4MP ‘Building and Managing a Digital Platform Program will show you how to create sustainable value whether you are competing as, with, or against digital platforms.

Key Benefits/Takeaways

Digital platforms present enormous opportunities but also pose serious risks. By examining the essential strategic insights of platform businesses and markets, this Program will aid you in maximizing the value and minimizing the costs of creating and managing a platform business.

  • Develop strategies for creating, managing, and engaging digital platforms that deliver a competitive advantage.
  • Understand the fundamentals of how to launch and maintain a platform business so as to outperform the competition.
  • Identify problems with developing, executing, and managing a platform business.
  • Know the steps necessary if ‘buying’ a platform to accelerate time to market.

Who Should Attend

  • Entrepreneurs and start-up founders of platform businesses
  • Senior and mid-level managers seeking more knowledge regarding the management and/or set up of a digital platform-based business
  • Small business owners needing to step-up their digital transformation
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In the digital platform world, it’s all about engagement, engagement, engagement – businesses will need to continuously refresh the user experience and promote popular content. The need to add value to the platform’s content and experience is paramount. The ‘Building and Managing a Digital Platform – Virtual’ is the only Program offered which addresses these criteria.

It is recommended that 2-3 hours per week be set aside, in addition to, two weekly one-hour online sessions over a three-week period to complete the Program. An option to accelerate the Program is available.

Building and Managing a Digital Platform

Provides the latest insights and explains how to leverage digital, social, and mobile marketing tools of a digital platform.

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