‘Managing A Business’s Social & Environmental Policies & Practices: Your ‘ESG’ Profile

ESG Profiles Are Becoming Very Relevant

Program Description

Within the last few years, a business’s ESG (Environment, Social, and Financial Governance) has become a priority concern. In addition to quality, value, and service, consumers are demanding that businesses have policies and practices that are socially and environmentally conscious.

Today, well-managed businesses are aware that customers and the greater public expect them to adopt practices and policies that are sustainable. There is also the recognition to foster a community commitment and garner the respect of employees.

While a business may have a strong policy toward sustainability if that information is not in the public domain, it won’t impact its ESG profile. Gaps between reality and external perception regarding ESG pose profit and branding risks. Therefore, it is incumbent that your business reports its ESG practices comprehensively, accurately, and timely.

This 4M Performance Leadership Program delves into your business’s current ESG profile. With this information and our guidance, you’ll be able to identify, not only, reality gaps but the actions required to improve the business’s sustainability and social practices.  

Key Benefits & Takeaways

Financial performance is measured by accounting and financial reporting principles. Social and environmental measures are much more subjective. ESG measurement is not simple or easy. It is based upon voluntary company self-disclosures and requires proactive management. In this leadership Program, you’ll learn:

  • How to deal with supply-chain issues such as suppliers’ labor conditions and pay, environmental impact, and sustainable practices.
  • Establishing social metrics, such as better health, education, local employment, improved family cohesion,  parental leave. 
  • Determining environmental metrics, like improve recycling and reuse, reduced water usage, and commercial building energy savings.

The ESG Profile: Where ‘Financial’ Performance Becomes ‘Outcome’ Performance

  • Learning the concept of the Triple Bottom Line and how it can be woven into your corporate culture and used to benefit the overall brand and marketing of your business.
  • Ways to communicate your ESG profile to customers and consumers. The use of social media, public relations, local media outlets, charitable contributions in time and money, supporting employee charitable activities. 
  • Linking the ESG profile to tangible outcomes.

Who Should Attend

Individuals who want to learn established and emerging best practices and improve their ESG profile skills, including:

  • Founders and entrepreneurs who are responsible for the business’s overall culture and reputation 
  • Senior brand and marketing managers
  • Advisory Board Members
  • Business owners responsible for the social and environmental aspects of the business 
Start-ups Require Proactive ESG Management


Proactive management of sustainable goals and ethical issues positively impacts both business reputation and financial performance. Discover the challenges and flaws in your business’s current ESG measurement. Then, learn ways to improve the ESG profile with a greener agenda, greater staff satisfaction, improved consumer goodwill, and enhanced public awareness.

Managing A Business's Social & Environmental Policies & Practices: The 'ESG' Profile

Today, well-managed businesses know they need to adopt policies and practices that are socially and environmentally sensitive. More than ever before, consumers insist on doing business with sustainable businesses. This leadership program delves into your business's current sustainability practices - enhancing, adding, and most importantly impairing them to the public at large.

Today, well managed businesses are aware that consumers expect them to adopt sustainable practices. This Training Program teaches the means to achieve and improve upon those practices.

Jim Lavorato
Jim Lavorato, Instructor