Launching A New Venture : Training for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

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Ensuring Your Start-up’s Success

Program Description

Examine the unique challenges that confront early-stage ventures. Gain the analytical, financial, and managerial skills you need to make sound investment decisions, manage rapid change, and ensure success. This Program assists you in:

  • Developing a new business, launching a new venture, or building an entrepreneurial culture within your business.
  • Analyze, prioritize, and determine the feasibility of a new business idea or product.
  • Pitch your business to potential investors and other stakeholders
  • Build your leadership skills and approach to managing ongoing innovation, change, and growth.
  • Transform your new product into a competitive advantage.
  • Understand, access, and manage the risks of starting up a new venture.
  • Develop and recruit the talent needed to support an entrepreneurial mindset.

Key Benefits and Takeaways

Examine the entrepreneurial challenges at every stage of the launch process. Starting and managing a new venture or initiating a 2nd growth opportunity. The benefits include:

  • Identifying and analyzing the startup opportunity.
  • Develop and refine an executable business plan
  • Attract the funding required to turn your vision into reality.
  • Learn how to build a structure required to launch and nurture new or early-stage ventures.
  • Create a business that has both product and service revenue streams
  • Explore the alternatives for expanding the operation of a currently successful business.

Who Should Attend

  1. Entrepreneurs launching a new startup.
  2. Business owners responsible for jump-starting innovation in their established business
  3. Managers/owners desiring to explore 2nd growth opportunities.
  4. Anyone wanting to learn the leadership skills required to launch a new venture.

Learn the leadership skills for a successful startup launch


Successful entrepreneurship requires more than an innovative idea – it needs you to have the right leadership skills and a single-purpose mindset. This unique one-on-one training program provides the insight and tools required to meet those needs. It examines the unique challenges that confront early-stage ventures and provides the answers that will ensure the success of your new business or expanded 2nd growth initiative.

The Program provides ample opportunity to deepen your knowledge, enhance your skills, and strengthen your gaps.

Program Schedule

Day 1 – Virtual 1-1.5 hours   Discussion on which skills need to be honed and enhanced. Which gaps need to be addressed.
Day 2 – Virtual 1-2 hours. Exploring business models and which is best suited for your venture. Developing the Perfect Pitch – discussion and slideshow.
Day 3 – Virtual 1-2 hours. Developing and building an iconic brand. Discussion and slideshow.
Day 4 – Virtual 1-1.5 hours. Sales and Marketing strategies. How to manage growing ventures. Discussion and slideshow.
Day 5 – Virtual 1-1.5 hours. Managing a new venture or 2nd growth opportunity – team building and allocation of resources.
Day 6 – Virtual 1-1.5 hours. Recap and review. Program wrap-up and final thoughts.
Launching A New Venture: Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Launching A New Venture: A 4M Performance Training Program