How to Fund Your Business

4MP Will Help Your Company Navigate the Funding Options and Issues

Program Description

To assist both start-ups and established businesses with limited investment experience navigate the complex structuring and fund-raising process, 4MP offers the ‘How To Fund Your Business – Virtual’ Program

We’ll guide you through the foundational issues and best practices of successfully raising monies and boosting your external funding expertise. Negotiating best deals, targeting investors, and scripting a successful pitch presentation.

You’ll explore the full range of funding models (from crowd-funding to public offerings) and the key issues such as investment criteria, funding strategies, and deal structuring.

You’ll leave with the skills and confidence to determine the best deals and raise the capital you require.

Key Benefits/Takeaways

  • Provide deep insight into the landscape, players, and trends in private funding and venture capital.
  • Boosts your investment expertise at every stage of the deal structuring and fund-raising process.
  • You’ll acquire the skills, strategies, and confidence to target the right investors, find the best deals, and raise the capital for your first-time funding.

Who Should Attend

  • Partners of venture capital firms responsible for small fund investing.
  • Entrepreneurs seeking private funding.
  • Families looking for first-time funding or considering private equity investors.
  • Angel investors looking to solidify and validate their activities
  • Small/mid-sized businesses seeking funds for second-growth or expansion

Group coaching, is an option that provides for teamwork and amplifies the Program’s impact.


Many entrepreneurs and small business owners find it challenging to finance their new ventures or 2nd growth opportunities – this is more acute in the uncertain economy we now find ourselves in.

The ‘How To Fund Your Business – Virtual’ will guide you through the issues and describe best practices for successfully raising the monies you require.

It is recommended that 2-3 hours per week be set aside, in addition to, two weekly one-hour online sessions over a three-week period to complete the Program. Accelerated Program timing is an option. Additionally, unlimited check-ins are provided via call/text/email.

How to Fund Your Business

Navigates you through the complex process of fund-raising - from crowd-funding to pitching VCs and Angels.


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