4MP Training Program: The Business of Entertainment

Entertainment: Film, TV, Publishing, Music, and Sports

Program Overview

Nowhere has the impact of digital technology been felt more acutely than entertainment, where it has dramatically changed how products are developed and managed – and the connection with audiences.

In this coaching program, you will be exposed to new approaches for driving revenue and success in today’s entertainment environment. You’ll discover why some creative businesses thrive while others fail, you will learn when to make smaller versus bigger bets, the best way to capitalize on market disruptions, and how to establish long-term competitive advantage.

You will explore and debate the business and technology trends that are redefining the industry – from content producers, content resellers/aggregators, talent managers, and consumers. How to launch and manage creative products and portfolios more strategically.

Key Topics

Launching and managing creative products and portfolios

  • Allocating scarce resources
  • Managing production and marketing budgets
  • Benefits of betting on a big project vs. smaller ones
  • Discovering new ways to engage with audiences
  • Measuring threats to revenue models, including piracy, consumers’ notion of fair pricing, and unbundling.

Managing and marketing talent

  • Acquiring, developing, managing, and marketing creative talent
  • How to structure contracts
  • Dealing with agencies

Coping with advances in technology

  • Discuss how online distribution channels are disrupting the entertainment landscape
  • How to deal with intensifying competition
  • How distribution channels are changing and re-modellig
  • Examine the future technology of marketing and distribution of content

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Key Benefits

Learn to allocate resources more strategically and balance the risks/rewards of entertainment investment. Response to the challenges and opportunities in accessing new and creative talent. And, most importantly, respond to advances in digital technology while taking advantage of the explosive growth of online distribution channels and social media.

Who Should Attend

  • Talent in the entertainment sector (actors, performing artists, athletes, musicians, etc.)
  • Agents, managers, and others who represent talent
  • Anyone in business development, marketing, and planning who work for studios, networks, music companies, performing arts companies, sports teams, and other creative enterprises
  • Brand managers, promoters, consultants, and investors interested or active in the entertainment industry.

4MP Training Program: The Business of Entertainment, Music, & Media


Jim Lavorato
Jim Lavorato