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What is 4M Performance and How Can It Help Me?

4M Performance is a business solutions provider and educator. We provide insights and source information, as well as, coaching/mentoring services that are based upon the four tenets of business acceleration: Management, Marketing, Money, and MomentumYou can access all of 4MP’s information FREE of charge, including articles, insights, reference material, slideshows, guidebooks, videos, and how-to resources.

Why Does 4MP Offer Free Information?

Because we want 4MP to make a difference. Knowledge drives success and accelerates growth and profitability. By providing free but extremely valuable and relevant information we fulfill this goal.  If more personal and in-depth assistance is required our Coaching/Mentoring Program is available.

What is the Significance of the 4Ms of Performance?

The 4Ms of Performance were formulated by Jim Lavorato. He concluded, after many years of starting and working at a variety of companies, that they were all dependent upon four tenets to accelerate and become successful: Management (Teambuilding), Marketing (Branding and Promotion), Money (Funding), and Momentum (Scaling and Growth).

Does 4MP Provide Coaching for all Types and Sizes of Businesses?

Yes. The 4Ms are universal business tenets. Therefore, we can effectively coach start-ups to large corporations. Our main thrust and reason for coaching are to ensure our clients receive the best possible advice for solving their problems.

Small business coaching

How Does 4M Performance Address the Current Business Condition?

Through helping clients understand the role innovation plays in today’s marketplace. Improving their decision-making skills and showing them how to overcome the challenges of the digital transformation that is occurring.  

Does 4MP offer advice on cryptos, blockchain, and NFTs?

Yes, 4MP is at the forefront and very involved in Web3. We’ve advised and coached a variety of businesses and individuals with their involvement in cryptocurrencies and NFTs, as well as, the very, very disruptive blockchain revolution.

How Do the Insights/Articles Differ From the Resources/References?

How Do I Apply for the Coaching/Mentoring Program?

All prospective participants will arrange for a Free Pre-coaching virtual discussion session. This will determine if 4MP is the right coach for solving the client’s specific problems. Contact Jim Lavorato at 716-348-8648 or james@4mperformance.com

How Do I Compare 4MP Against Other Coaching/Mentoring Services?

4M Performance’s business coaching/mentoring is like no other. The 4Ms are what every business requires to accelerate and grow. You can do a self-analysis of your business and quickly determine which of the 4Ms is lacking and/or requires attention.

There are only two variables that generate revenue for any business: marketing and innovation. All other business activities are costs. We hone in on the weak variables and fill the gaps that are hindering achieving full potential and success.

Does 4M Performance Assist Businesses With Digital Platform Development?

Yes. Whether a company wants to compete as a new platform or leverage an existing one, we examine the potential and help maximize the value and minimize the costs of creating, managing, and maintaining a platform that delivers a competitive advantage.



Can Anyone Be A Business Coach/Consultant?

No. You can only be an effective business coach/consultant if you possess the requisite knowledge and skills. These come from experience, continuous self-education, a stellar peer network, and an in-depth entrepreneurial/management mindset.

Can 4MP Call Itself A Coach/Consultant?

Yes. Coach, consultant, mentor, advisor – most clients fully understand that 4MP will help them solve problems and grow their business.

Coaching is assisting the business from the inside out. Directing and empowering management to create the business they envision. Consulting brings business expertise to the process. Tangible and actionable advice, ideas, training, how-tos, and practical wisdom.

As A Small Business, How Much Should I Expect To Pay 4MP For Business Coaching/Mentoring or Consulting?

For small or emerging businesses, on a monthly basis, 4M Performance’s coaching/consulting services cost less than hiring an employee at $15/hour. Most quality, small business coaching/consulting providers charge between $2,000 – $8,000 per month, and they are normally contracted from 6-12 months. 4MP charges a flat rate on a month-to-month basis starting at $2,499 per month.

Normally, How Long Does 4MP Spend With A Client?

It depends upon the issue(s) requiring our attention. For example, we have a year-long mentoring program – where we meet on a regular basis with the Client to review past and discuss current issues from business to self-improvement. On the flip side, we have assignments that are satisfactorily completed within one month’s time.

There Are Online Peer Groups Which Provide Advice For A Fee, Are These Worth Joining?

NO! Over 50% of all business decisions are wrong! This stat holds true for the largest to the smallest businesses. What management needs/requires is the skill to access risk – not more opinions on how to run your business. Instead of joining a fee-based peer group, retain a superior coach with broad management experience and the ability to impart business risk assessment and decision-making.

Describe Your 4MP-Virtual Experience

The Program content was excellent. Most importantly, because I am currently in Thailand, it provided me the opportunity to cast a wider net by participating with an overseas coach.

Programs require your full focus and energy. I found the virtual sessions as valuable as any in-person consulting I have had. I liked not having to travel for face-to-face meetings but receiving the same quality coaching. Jim Lavorato quickly unpacked the issues, an action plan was developed, and we moved forward to reaching my goals. The coaching was straightforward, focused, and outcome-driven.

Come prepared and engage as much as possible. Be brutally honest about your situation and business. Be open-minded and receptive to change.”

David McClean, Principal, Allons Business Solutions, LLC