General Management Training Program – Virtual

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Program Description

Businesses, of all sizes, require exceptional leaders who know every aspect of their company. But, keeping ahead of the constantly changing and demanding business environment requires every leader to continuous monitor and enhance their knowledge and skills.

Designed specifically to address each participant’s unique needs, this Program will broaden your business perspective, management expertise, and leadership skills. You will learn how to identify, frame, and solve routine and long-term problems which , in turn, will drive innovation and revenue generation.

The General Management Program will assist in solving a real-life business problem or challenge you are currently facing.

Key Benefits & Takeaways

The General Management Program will provide you the tools required to deal with market disruptors and/or the digital transformation. You will:

  • Be instructed on how to build upon the current creativity of your team
  • Continue your leadership growth by gaining insights from a professional coach.
  • Develop a personnel action plan that addresses your business and leadership challenges.
  • Strengthen your foundational skills: financial, marketing, team building
  • Enhance your analytical, operational, and negotiation skills
  • Maximize your management impact by identifying and improving upon your leadership gaps

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Today, Managers’ Must Be Constantly Honing & Expanding Their Skills

Who Should Attend

  • Any business owner or manager with overall operations and/or P&L responsibility
  • Those that desire to expand their knowledge of managing a business or whose current management function is growing.
  • Managers who feel the need to boost their capabilities in running their business given the constantly changing business landscape.


The General Management Program – Virtual blends practical business knowledge with personal training and instills a 360-degree leadership perspective. It prepares participants for the management challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

You will be guided by a Executive Coach using the ‘learn-apply-refine’ approach to real-life problems.

General Management Training Program

Today, businesses of all sizes and types, require exceptional leaders who know every aspect of their company.