How Employee Evaluations Have been Affected by the Pandemic

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2020 is rapidly drawing to a close — and not many are sad to see it end! The ink was just dry on the annual business goals and expectations when everything went KABOOM!

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Under the current situation, most managers and employees will find this year’s annual performance and development evaluations difficult. Here’s why…

Due to the pandemic, this year’s annual employee evaluations are more important than any before. To be relevant employers must view the process as a great opportunity to build pride, trust, and motivation.

Evaluating the Person vs. Accomplishments

When the pandemic hit, a huge portion of the workforce went into a work-from-home mode. This brought the employee into view in a more personal way.

This is the year where managers tap into the human-side of workers and not just explore performance and development. Questions appropriate in the review process this year will be different, for example:

  • How are you and your family coping…the truth?
  • Is working at home impacting you and your family? How?
  • How do you feel about returning to the workplace?
  • Have you been able to find a good work/life balance?
  • Do you need support, and what kind?

Try to connect at a personal level and not just a business level. Doing so offers a unique opportunity to deepen trust and offer the kind of understanding that many employees crave at this time.

What’ Went Well – ‘What’ Didn’t

This year, stress the accomplishments, successes, positive outcomes. Day after day workers faced endless challenges and the annual evaluation is an ideal time to celebrate.

Invite employees to compile a top ten “wins” list in advance of your meeting. The items on the list can be work or personal related. The point is to make the review process more engaging. One of the things all people and businesses learned during this once-in-a-lifetime ordeal is that SMALL THINGS MATTER.

Employers need to have a candid conversation but also pays attention to the organization. Provide an honest appraisal of the business and how it is coping financially. Inviting the employee into a conversation about the business offers you a great opportunity to solicit their insight and feedback. The discussion must also extend to the employee’s performance and development shortfalls, but this year compassion must accompany candor.

If we all learned nothing else this year is that: SMALL = BIG. The little things matter in a big way. Managers and employers that make the suggested adjustments to the annual evaluation process will transform the traditional process into an engagement that addresses the current needs that many employees are experiencing — an that’s a big deal.

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