How to Develop Your Business’ Marketing ‘Hook’

When a business stands out from the competition and brands itself as the leader (or one of the leaders) in the market, sales rise. But, how does one obtain the ever-elusive ‘hook’ that grabs consumers?  

What’s needed is a ‘hook’ that isn’t just a flash-in-the-pan but a lasting unique attribute of your brand. In this resource guide, I describe how and what is required to identify these marketing hooks and use them.

  • The Trigger: How are you perceived in the marketplace?  Ask your sales team and front-line staff about the brand and what is the trigger that motivates the customers to purchase. You need to uncover the ‘why’ people buy (or don’t buy) your product.
  • What Makes Your Brand Unique: You can think your brand is unique but if the customer doesn’t – it isn’t. Ask you customers what they think is unique about your brand and why it is important to them. Then, when marketing ‘throw-it-back’ give them what they want and announce it – very loudly.
  • Communicate Your Story: In branding, developing a narrative about the business is the first step. Tell consumers why you started the business, how you expect it to grow, and how you intend to set your business apart from competitors. This is known as your ‘anchor story’ and it puts to paper, your ‘hook’.
  • Focus On Staff: Employees are what make any company unique because they make the whole thing happen. Highlight them.
  • Analyze Reviews: Study the reviews you get from customers – the good, bad, ugly. You’ll find your ‘hook’ in the satisfied ones. Study your competitors reviews to see what customers like or dislike about them.
  • Think of Your Vision: What was your original vision for the business and have you met that vision. What is the core essence of the business – there you’ll find your ‘hook’.
  • Solve The ‘Pain Points‘: Find your customers ‘pain’ and address it. Make their life easier, more convenient, solve a problem.
  • The Competition?: Who are they? How do they conduct business? What are their ‘hooks? How do they position themselves in the marketplace? Only then can you determine and define your uniqueness.

It’s all about finding what is unique about your business and the more marketing ‘hooks’ your business has the more competitive and the more profitable you’ll be. 

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