Crash Course on Web3

CRASH COURSE on WEB3 – Only $49

The Internet is Changing. Find Out How It is Evolving


Dig into Web3 technologies with this 90-minute one-on-one tutorial. Web3 is complicated and can be very daunting, we’ll decrypt all the jargon and plain talk you through the Web3 maze.

Who Should Take This Course

Whether your interest is in crypto investing, minting artistic NFTs, developing your digital identity, or just want to come up to speed on the elements of Web3 this tutorial will provide immediate benefits.

Parents and students that want to level-up to this new phase of the internet. Millennials and Gen-Z’ers that are looking to enhance their careers or start new ones.  Gen-X’ers and Boomers looking for new and diverse investment vehicles and/or to gain the knowledge necessary to move forward is a rapidly changing digitally based world.

What Will Be Covered

Learn about: Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, Blockchains, Smart Contracts, Metaverses, NFTs, Digital Wallets, DAOs, and much more. Discuss what companies are using Web3 for their marketing, customer service, and product manufacturing simulations. How countries are using cryptos for currency and payment systems on a worldwide basis.

Most importantly you will leave with an understanding of how you can and will use Web3 in the future. Through use of metaverses and avatars, the meshing of Web3 and AI, for investment, as a currency of exchange.

Web3 technology is happening! Get on board with this very inclusive 4MP Web3 Crash Course, only $49.00.
Crash Course on Web3