Assessing Your Brand Differentiators

Prioritize Differentiation As Part Of Your Overall Brand Strategy

List of Items That DO or COULD Differentiate Your Brand …

  1. Target Market: specific customer segments your Brand appeals to
  2. Attributes: descriptive qualities or characteristics of your product/service
  3. Ingredients/specifications: the unique elements that comprise the product
  4. Methods: the proprietary method by which the product is made or service delivered
  5. Claims: definitive statements that can be made about your Brand
  6. Brand Heritage/Story: the narrative of why and how your Brand came to be
  7. Technologies: specific technologies distinct to your products/services
  8. Performance: the unique way the product works or results it produces
  9. Endorsements: statements of approval or support from customers or user groups
  10. Awards: recognition for your Brand
  11. Company: your Brand’s unique programs, people, designs, etc.
  12. Brand Personality: the way your Brand expresses itself, its DNA

Now Rate Each Differentiator By The Following …

  • Importance to Target Market: must make a difference to your target market
  • Difference from Competitors: greater the difference, the better the differentiator
  • Ease of Achieving & Sustaining Difference: ease of establishing/maintaining your Brands differentiators
  • Relevance of Brand’s Purposes: strongest differentiators support Brand’s essence/DNA

The more differentiated your Brand the better. Once determined, the Brand’s differentiators will drive the target marketing and promotion of the products/services.

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