Women: How To Move Up Succeed As A Board Director

History tells us that Board appointments are made through informed networks that are particularly difficult for women to break into. As over one-half of 4MP’s clients are women it is incumbent upon us to offer a coaching program designed for women that provided insight and guidance into the Board selection process.

This one-on-one virtual program will escort you through the board selection process so as to maximize your success as a director. Be it on an advisory, management, or governance board this Program focuses on the critical issues currently facing boards. You will learn how to attack board selection strategically, raise your profile, and find the best matches.

Key Benefits & Takeaways

This coaching will provide the keys to board success: building knowledge, honing skills, and preparing a mindset that boards seek.

Together, we will unpack the process and thoroughly review the way board’s function. You will learn how to advance your profile and connect with directors, founders, and funders – excelling in your new role by contributing to corporate governance at the highest level.

Building Your Readiness

  • Learn how different boards function!
  • Examine the best practices of high impact boards.
  • Gain insight into the roles of board members and committees

Persuing the Board Position

  • Understanding the in/outs of corporate networks
  • Raise your profile among peers, current directors, and colleagues.
  • Sync your specific skills and talents to the board’s needs and requirements.

Expand Your Personal & Professional Network

  • Extend your network by working with successful managers from a variety of industries.
  • Build relationships with a diverse group of peers who can provide insight into your challenges.
Chairwoman of Board states case for instituting new marketing plan

Who Should Attend

Senior businesswomen who hold mid-level and above positions in established companies or who are retired from such positions. Also, women who currently sit on nonprofit or private boards who wish to serve on public boards.