Starting a Business? You Need to Answer These Questions First

When starting a business or re-inventing an ongoing entity, there are a few relevant questions one needs to ask and that need answering in a very honest way. If you come up with a lot of negatives you need to reassess.

My Product/Service Is:

  • An idea I’ve been toying with for some time
  • Currently under development
  • A working prototype being beta tested
  • Generating a small amount of revenue

My Industry is:

  • Selling to an end user B2C or B2B
  • Not yet a sector in the industry, too cutting edge
  • One that is mature
  • One that is new and currently in fashion with investors

My Product/Service Will:

  • Not have high volume but high margin
  • Make life easier for consumers and have good margins
  • Help consumers do what they do only better and more efficient
  • Save time/money and have huge demand

The Market I Am Entering Is:

  • Flat with no growth
  • Growing by under 10% per year
  • Growing by 10-30% per year
  • Growing by more than 30% per year

My Primary Competitors are:

  • Nonexistent – we are developing a new market
  • Large companies with existing distribution channels
  • Start-ups I may or may not know
  • Substitutes for what I am offering

My Customers Have:

  • Not been identified
  • Have been identified on social media platforms
  • Expressed interest in what I am proposing
  • Have placed preorders

My Marketing Plan Is:

  • Build it and they will come
  • Build a website, use SEO and they will come
  • Hire commission-based sales staff to sell product
  • A comprehensive and well-researched plan

My Revenues In The First Year Are Planned To Be:

  • $0 – $250,00
  • $250,000 – 500,000
  • $500,0000 – 750,000
  • Over $750,000

My Revenues In 5 Years Will Be:

  • What ?

Do You Have Any Partners?

  • Individuals?
  • Other Businesses?
  • What is the relationship legally?
  • What is the legal structure?

What Is The Entrepreneurial Experience I And My Team Have:

  • Managed successful businesses in the past
  • Have no experience
  • Minor experience
  • Limited experience in this industry

My Business Plan:

  • Don’t have an overall Plan
  • Looks OK to me
  • Has been reviewed by other professionals
  • Is in constant revision

I Have Invested ____________ man-hours into this venture

I Have Invested ____________ of my own money into this venture

Others Have Invested Money & Time

  • Who?
  • What is relationship?
  • What are conditions of payback?

If Large Competitor Decided To Target My Start-up

  • Very bad for our survival
  • Glad to hear the market is being validated
  • Able to compete based upon innovation, speed, agility
  • Would move to form partnership of license technology

Are There Other Startups In The Industry Raising Capital and Growing?

  • No others in industry
  • Yes, and they have a head-start on me
  • No start-ups but other established businesses
  • Many other businesses in industry, large and small

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