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When you partner with 4M Performance you benefit from a powerful, carefully designed experience – limited only by your level of participation.

4M Performance is education and community-driven. Going forward, if you choose, you can join our LinkedIn family. Nowhere else can you extend your business knowledge and social network with such a diverse group of like-mined peers – who can provide wide-ranging insights regarding your business challenges.

For the cost of a monthly frappuccino, 4MP provides a business learning experience via a combination of useful and actionable articles, podcasts, and webinars. That’s in addition to the valuable Members’ Resource Library which houses dozens of informative, relevant how-tos, check-lists, slideshows, references, and videos.

All to help your business survive and thrive
through these uncertain times.

No Long-term Commitment … No Contract


What You Get

  • Eases your decision making & problem solving
  • Raises your social profile
  • Obtain actionable how-tos & takeaways
  • 365/24/7 access
  • Great value for highly informative experience
  • Decrease churn and Increase sales
  • Access to top-rated information
  • Assists in forging your iconic brand
  • Expand your company’s market reach
  • Learn the 4M process of managing a business
  • Solve problems and save money
  • Future LinkedIn networking group

About Me

I’ve been lucky to have experienced a successful and broad business career. Working for a Fortune 50 consumer products corporation, a high-tech company, a money-center bank, and launching two profitable businesses – now I’m starting 4M Performance. 

I have published numerous articles in a variety of journals and I am currently a Contributing Editor for ScreenTrade Magazine. I hold MIM, MBA, BA degrees. I also volunteer as a mentor/coach with several not-for-profit organizations assisting young entrepreneurs in launching their startups.

Jim Lavorato


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