Hiring and Firing: How to Build an Effective Team for a Successful Business

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Hiring and firing decisions have significant impact on any business, particularly small businesses or startups. Below are some how-tos to help make this process easier and better for both the employer and employee as well as build an effective team to make your business venture a success.

Do the Personalities Fit?

The candidate, regardless of ability, may not have the right people skills to warrant hiring. Sometimes businesses have such a strong need for a specific person that they take a chance on someone who doesn’t feel quite right. These gut feelings are usually proven correct and over time the decision not to hire is the best one. Many times hiring someone who is a wrong fit means not only a poor staff mix but an unhappy staff , lower performance and morale, and lower productivity. When hiring, go with your gut and not just on professional qualifications.


What are the personal traits you are looking for in your hires? What is the pace of your business — slow and methodical or fast and purposeful? If you hire someone who will burn-out in six months its no good for them or the business. It’s worth the time and effort to screen for values/compatibility when hiring.

Right Person/Wrong Job

This happens more than you think. You’ve got the right person with the right skill set and disposition but you’ve placed them in the wrong slot. For example, a great coder who is placed into a management position. Instinct might warrant a parting of the ways, but evaluate first as mentoring might be the way to go, if this is otherwise a good hire.

Treat Everyone Very Good and the Same

Even when someone is exiting, for whatever reason, treat them with respect. Exit interviews should always be held. There is no doubt that exiting employees will discuss their time with your company in an honest and straight-forward fashion.

Build a Team From the Very Start

No one likes the termination process. It’s important to identify your business’s values and make sure everyone is ‘on brand’. Stress the need for team-play during the onboarding process and regularly hold staff meetings. As the head of the business, you are the brand champ and cultural leader.

Pay very careful attention to the hiring process. Don’t rush it. Doing it right accelerates both your team’s success and company profits.

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