Taglines & Headlines: How-to Write Great Ones

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A Great Tagline Works Wonders

You will probably want to use Youst to evaluate your post and Hootsuite to keep all things neat and organized as you publish on the various social media sites. Remember, all sites are not equal and which ones you use depends on the your Blog’s subject matter and demographic.


Titling or writing a great headline for each Post is vital. Without a thought provoking and luring title you may never get anyone to read your Post. Think of a newspaper and the main headline.

The headline can only be a few words but they better entice the reader. Most newspapers and magazines have Headline Writers whose only job is to write headlines. This goes double for print advertising – the headline MUST grab the reader or you are just wasting your ad money.

Headlines should be short and catchy. They can be followed-up with a bi-line (or second heading further describing the contents of the post/article). Use large lettering and an image to go with the Heading is always a plus. Never use more than two type fonts in the Headline/Bi-line. It is Ok to use color but make sure the lettering is darker than the background color.

Composing great headlines takes practice. The purpose is to entice the reader into wanting to know more of what you have to impart on the subject. And the same goes true to the body of the post – be factual, concise, and beneficial. Use infographics, videos, and references to other sites, and by all means hash#s.

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