Blogging Must Haves: Get Your Blog Read!

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Blogging: The MUST do for a small business to differentiate.

Blogging done right equates to increased inbound marketing, improved SEO, influence building, and connection to your demographic target – therefore it’s a must for small businesses and start-ups.

Great blogs must have the following elements:

  1. Terse and to-the-point. The quick punch not the long dissertation
  2. Use visuals – and make sure they are relevant to the blog post
  3. Always be writing to your target demographic – feel their pain and address it
  4. Answer all questions and queries quickly – problem solve
  5. Compose in easy to read and understandable text and try to incorporate key SEO words
  6. Post ‘in’ stories. We communicate in stories – so post in storylines.
  7. How often? Post at least twice a week (more if possible). Key: Relevance (no BS).

Don’t neglect other forms of content marketing. Where and when appropriate use videos, podcasts, webinars, infographics, and, very important, shared content from other experts and clients. BLOGS MUST HAVE TERSE TEXT & GREAT VISUALS

Which content is best for your company? Should you go-it-alone or hire a writer? If you are not a good writer than opt for more visual content in your blog posts. Compose podcasts. Use videos.

Be aware, that search is based on written text and not visuals. So, always use keywords in the file names and links to posted graphics/pictures. Fill in “alt text” box areas.

To recap. The goal of blogging is to provide useful, pertinent information to your target market – while increasing traffic to your website, building your cred, gaining greater SEO, and entertaining your customers and potential customers with amusing, informative, well-composed narratives.

Sign your posts with your name, company name, and contact information. This is often forgotten. Get credit for what you do!


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