Are You Stressed? Are You Burned Out? Learn How to Cure the Problem

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Job burnout is a real issue! Are you burned out?

In a recent Gallup survey, 25% of all U.S. workers felt burnout at work most of the time. 45% reported similar feelings but less frequently.

It’s not only in the U.S., similar studies in Europe and Asia found that working long hours coupled with increasing levels of stress had a significant role to play in the creation of the ‘burnout culture.

What Does it Mean to be Burned Out?

The pressure of work and the physical and mental effects of that pressure cause burnout. Burnout is related to specific personality types, for example, high achievers are particularly at risk with their ‘I can do everything’ personalities but many times these high impact types don’t see the burnout coming.

Burnout is a state of chronic stress. It shows itself with physical signs such as complete exhaustion, feeling ill, an inability to sleep, extreme anger, anxiety, or depression — feeling burned out. The ultimate solution for many suffering burnout is leaving their job. For others, it leads to complete exhaustion, a sense of failure and being unable to find the strength to do anything about it.

Less confrontational workplaces, less comparing of self with others, and re-engaging with people seems to work. Talking to family, colleagues, and friends helps but recognizing that your burnout exists is the first priority.

Can Burnout Be Cured?

There is no easy answer but as long as there are high achievers there will always be burnout. It doesn’t make a difference if you are a Baby Boomer, Gen X, Millennial, or Gen Z’er the stress and pressure of life and work will take its toll. Some ways of eliminating it:

  • Control the time you spend on social media.
  • Stop watching the news — focus on videos and programs that are positive, motivational and inspirational.
  • It’s OK to say NO in taking on more responsibilities. Learn to set boundaries.
  • Document what is causing your stress.
  • Spend some time prioritizing and planning — writing to-do lists each day by importance of each task.
  • Set your time boundaries. Turn off the email at 5pm. The phone shuts down at 9pm. And stick to it!
  • Spend more time with friends and family, not colleagues.
  • Exercise daily — even if it’s just a walk around the block.
  • Take a vacation and mini breaks throughout the year.
  • Nourish your creative side.

Work-related stress is very common worldwide

I have witnessed work stress manifest itself in the client/coach relationship. It is very common and at times, the results can be devastating for the person and the business. Be aware of the symptoms and seek professional help if you can’t cope. Most of the time just having access to the right people will ease stress considerably.


By Jim Lavorato

Jim Lavorato is the founder of 4M Performance which is designed to assist businesses to survive and thrive in these uncertain times. Jim launched an entertainment-related company in 1988. He was at the forefront in cinema technology and helped spearhead the movie industry's transition to digital presentation and distribution. He also co-founded the Arboreal Group, an environmental consultancy. He has published articles on the motion picture and media industries and is a contributing editor for ScreenTrade magazine and writes a blog "Cinema Mucho Gusto". He is a certified SCORE Mentor in the SCORE Greater Phoenix Chapter and lives in Scottsdale, AZ. Learn more about Jim in his "About" page.

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