4MP Questionnaire: ‘Everything To Consider BEFORE Launching Your Startup’

4M Performance

Startup Profile Questionnaire

Completing this Questionnaire will greatly assist in determining the scope and associated work required for the successful launch of your business.

General Business

  • Do you have any prior experience at managing a business?
  • Do you have a business plan/feasibility analysis for your project?
  • Have you developed any economic or competitive assessments?
  • Have you any proforma financial statements?
  • Have you obtained any cost estimates for space, equipment, design?
  • Will you be managing the business on a day-to-day basis? If not, than who?
  • Have you given any thought to team-building and staffing requirements?


  • Have you performed any demographic analyses?
  • What is the competitive market position of the business?
  • Have you developed a Marketing Plan? What are the costs?
  • Have you named the business?  What?
  • Has a logo been designed?
  • What type(s) of marketing vehicles are going to be used? Social media, print media, radio, TV, etc.?
  • Are you going to utilized the services of a Public Relations firm?
  • Is there a market for the products/services you are going to sell? What is it? How large?
  • What Will Be Your Brand Differentiators?
  • What Will Be Your Brand’s Competitive Frame of Reference?

Site Considerations

  • Do you have or have you considered a site for the business? Will you be working out of your home?
  • Have you determined if the site is ‘suitable’ for the business?
  • Is the site in an urban locale?
  • Do you plan on utilizing any existing site or build new?
  • Will the business be located on a major street or highway.
  • Will the business be near a school or university?
  • Will the business facility be freestanding? In a shopping/strip mall?
  • Will the business be located in a shopping mall? Be an web-based platform? Both
  • Will the facility be owned or leased?
  • Do you have any architectural or design drawings for the business? Have you hired an Architect?
  • Has the Architect worked on similar projects?
  • Have you consulted/hired a General Contractor?
  • Has the General Contractor worked on similar projects?
  • Is there ample parking for patrons?
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  • How are you funding your business?
  • What are your funding Options?