4MP Exclusive 5 Part Tutorial on Web3 / Metaverse

Program Description

This program is a 5 part certified series on Web3 and the Metaverse. It is designed to educate, inspire, accelerate and execute your goals regarding the next generation of the internet and its accompanying immersive worlds.

Part 1: Review/Discussion/History of the Evolution of the Internet and Blockchains

  • The history of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology
  • The development of the Internet Web1, Web2, Web3 and the move to a User-based focus
  • Web3 vs. Metaverses but also how they support each other
  • How the Web3 is pushing the world into a bipolar landscape

 Part 2: NFTs, Web3, and the Metaverse’s Impact on Business

  • What are NFTs and how are they created and traded.
  • How can/are businesses using NFTs for-profit and marketing
  • What is Web3? How does it differ from Web2 and the Metaverse
  • The Metaverse – Not just virtual worlds

Part 3: How The Metaverse & Blockchains Will Change Retail Busines Forever

  • How will businesses function in a virtual world vs. eCommerce as we know it 
  • The end of the one-way consumer transaction, ie the Amazon model
  • Why the User and not the Provider will be the focus for the future

Part 4: Discords, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), the Focus on Community/Collaboration

  • What are and how are Discords being used for marketing and promotion
  • What is a DAO and how will it function and operate on a daily basis
  • What are the values of a community-based Web3
  • Learn how companies will function as profitable entities in the future

Part 5: The State of Cryptocurrency and How Business Will Support Cryptos in the Future

  • What is the status of the crypto market and who are the major and minor players
  • What is the current regulatory rules and regulations and what will the government do going forward
  • As businesses embrace cryptos and NFTs how will this impact their sales and profits


HOP-On To What’s Go’in On

Buying and Placing Digital Clothing on Metaverse Avatars

Key Benefits and Takeaways

  • Get up to speed on what is and how Web3/Blockchains & Metaverse function and complement each other
  • In-depth instruction augmented with specific, one-off guides, insights, current innovations, and the key players in the Web3 and Metaverse space.
  • The Web3 lives in dog years, everything is evolving and developing at a very rapid rate. Find out where to go to stay up-to-date with the Web3/Metaverse community.
  • Continue to receive and access information via text, voice, or email post-course from discussion and follow-ups with the Program instructors and 4M Performace. 

Who Should Attend

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Investors
  • Visionaries & Influencers
  • NFT Developers and Creators
  • FinTech Startups
  • Anyone with a desire to possess knowledge of the future and its impact on business, work and play.

“Don’t Be A Spector Become Part of the Future”

4MP Exclusive 5 Part Certified Series on Web3 & Metaverse